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Big Daddy

Big Daddy shimeji mascot desktop pet

(BioShock shimeji)

Cool Big Daddy (in BioShock) shimeji mascot desktop pet run on the screen


Big Daddy is a major character in the video game series BioShock. He is a heavily armored humanoid, resembling a diver, who is tasked with protecting and maintaining order on the underwater city of Rapture. Big Daddies are a crucial part of the game's story and gameplay, as they are the only ones capable of harvesting the coveted ADAM from the Little Sisters. Big Daddies are powerful and resilient enemies who must be defeated in order to progress the story and gain ADAM. They are also a source of protection for the Little Sisters, as they will fight off any threats to them. Big Daddies are a symbol of the dark and oppressive nature of the city of Rapture and its inhabitants.

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