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How to install shimeji on Desktop?

Hi, my friends 

In this tutorial, I will guide you to install shimeji on your Desktop.

Please follow step by step. Let's Go

Step 1: Download and Install Java

Download Java

Backup Link

After downloading the software, you can install it easily by clicking Next and Next ... to Finish.

Step 2: Download Shimeji-ee software

Download Shimeji-ee

Backup Link

Most shimeji come with all the necessary parts, yet it'll in all probability be in a .zip or .rar, so you'll require a program to extract it. I suggest either winzip or winrar (You can download here). Open it up and you ought to see something like this.

Step 3: Start it up
If everything has gone smoothly, your desktop buddy should be ready to go. Just click on Shimeji-ee.jar file.

After the run, you can see the small icon on the bottom right of your pc where you can custom the software.
Right mouse click to the icon or shimeji to customize.

Step 4: Add shimeji
If you want to add shimeji, you need to download it first. You can find many cute shimeji in the shimeji list
After downloading and extracting it, you can see something like this
It's similar to shimeji software folder. Now you need to make a new folder in the img/ subfolder of the software (in this example is Wolfie the Grey Wolf)
And then, you need to copy all images and the conf folder of shimeji to the above subfolder

Finally, you need to right-mouse-click on the app icon and select Settings -> Choose Shimeji... and select your shimeji. All done!

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