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Fontaine shimeji mascot desktop pet

(BioShock shimeji)

Cool Fontaine (in BioShock) shimeji mascot desktop pet run on the screen

Author: Tench

Fontaine is a major antagonist in the first-person shooter video game BioShock. He is the leader of Rapture, a city located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and founded by the wealthy industrialist Andrew Ryan. Fontaine seeks to gain control of the city and its citizens by manipulating them through the use of plasmids, genetic modifications that grant people superhuman powers, and through the use of mind control. In the game, he is voiced by Armin Shimerman. Fontaine is a ruthless, manipulative and ambitious business magnate who will stop at nothing to achieve his ambitions. He uses whatever means necessary to gain control of Rapture, even if it means resorting to violence and terrorizing the citizens. Fontaine is a powerful and influential figure in the game and a challenging enemy for the player.

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