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Shizuo and Izaya

Shizuo and Izaya shimeji mascot desktop pet

(Durarara shimeji)

Cool Shizuo and Izaya (in Durarara) shimeji mascot desktop pet run on the screen


Shizuo Heiwajima and Izaya Orihara are two of the most well-known characters in the anime series, Durarara!!. Shizuo is a hot-headed, blonde-haired, bespectacled man renowned for his superhuman strength which allows him to throw vending machines and other large objects with ease. On the other hand, Izaya is a sly, manipulative informant who prefers to stay in the shadows and manipulate people from afar. Despite their natural animosity, their interaction often leads to hilarity and chaos. Their rivalry is the source of much of the conflict in the series, as the two battle it out for the upper hand in the city of Ikebukuro.

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