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Swablu shimeji mascot desktop pet

(Pokemon shimeji)

Cool Swablu (in Pokemon) shimeji mascot desktop pet run on the screen

Author: Cachomon

Swablu is a small, light blue avian Pokémon with two white wings and a white underbelly. It has two small, black eyes and a short, yellow beak. Swablu loves cleanliness and will groom itself and its surroundings frequently, using its wings like a rag. It is found in grassy fields and forests, where it feeds on small insects. Swablu is very social, and can be found in small flocks with other Pokémon. It also has a very gentle nature, and it’s said that it will come to the aid of trainers in need. Swablu is the pre-evolved form of Altaria, and evolves when exposed to a Shiny Stone.

Mascot Shimeji brings to you a funny shimeji of Swablu. Download it & enjoy!
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