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Vanitas shimeji mascot desktop pet

(Kingdom Hearts shimeji)

Cool Vanitas (in Kingdom Hearts) shimeji mascot desktop pet run on the screen

Author: Onyx-Art

Vanitas is a mysterious character in the Kingdom Hearts series. He was created by Master Xehanort as part of his plan to open the Keyblade War. Vanitas is a Keyblade wielder and wields the powerful Keyblade of heart known as the Unbound. He is a master of using dark powers and is able to manipulate the darkness in others. In addition to his use of dark powers, Vanitas is also highly skilled in combat. He is a powerful foe, and an important antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. He seeks to reunite with Ventus and ultimately create the χ-blade, a weapon capable of unlocking Kingdom Hearts. Vanitas is a powerful force for evil, but a force that must be stopped if peace is to be restored to the world.

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