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Marshall Lee

Marshall Lee shimeji mascot desktop pet

(Adventure Time shimeji)

Cool Marshall Lee (in Adventure Time) shimeji mascot desktop pet run on the screen


Marshall Lee is a character in the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time. He is an undead, gender-swapped version of Marceline the Vampire Queen. Marshall Lee is the Vampire King, and the ruler of the Nightosphere. He's the opposite of Marceline in many ways; he's hot-tempered and quick to anger, but also loyal and protective of those he cares about. He often uses his powers to help Finn and Jake on their adventures, although he doesn't necessarily agree with their actions. He also has a fondness for music, playing his bass and singing in his free time. Marshall Lee is a fun-loving character who has a lot of depth and complexity, and he's a welcome addition to the Adventure Time crew.

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