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Mato shimeji mascot desktop pet

(Black Rock Shooter shimeji)

Cool Mato (in Black Rock Shooter) shimeji mascot desktop pet run on the screen


Mato Kuroi is the main protagonist of the Black Rock Shooter franchise. She is an ordinary middle school student living in a small town in Japan, with a cheerful and kind personality. She is an avid fan of basketball and an aspiring writer. She is also a close friend of Yomi Takanashi, and the two are often seen together. Mato is the owner of an enigmatic black rock, which has the ability to transform into a powerful weapon known as Black Rock Shooter. With this weapon, she is able to fight off the mysterious creatures that threaten her town. Despite her age, Mato is brave and determined, and will do whatever it takes to protect her friends and loved ones.

Mascot Shimeji brings to you a funny shimeji of Mato. Download it & enjoy!
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