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Napstablook shimeji mascot desktop pet

(Undertale shimeji)

Cool Napstablook (in Undertale) shimeji mascot desktop pet run on the screen

Author: leaf-submas

Napstablook is a resident of the Ruins in Undertale. They are an introverted, melancholic ghost who lives in a snail farm underneath MTT Resort. Napstablook is shy and lacks self-confidence, often talking to themselves and questioning their existence. Napstablook loves music, especially melancholic music, and can be seen playing the piano when the protagonist visits them. They are also a fan of puzzles and can be found playing the character quiz game. They are a helpful character, offering advice and guidance to those who need it. Napstablook is a lovable character who is sure to leave an impression on those who meet them.

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