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J-Hope - Hobi [summer]

J-Hope - Hobi [summer] shimeji mascot desktop pet

(BTS (Bangtan Boys) shimeji)

Cool J-Hope - Hobi [summer] (in BTS (Bangtan Boys)) shimeji mascot desktop pet run on the screen

Author: aries0ram

J-Hope - Hobi [summer] is a member of the popular K-Pop group BTS (Bangtan Boys). J-Hope is the lead dancer and main rapper of the group and is known for his vibrant energy and upbeat personality. He is also a songwriter, producer and choreographer, having written several of BTS’s hit songs. In addition to being a talented artist, J-Hope is an active philanthropist, having donated money to various charities and having been involved in many humanitarian projects. He has also been praised for his positive influence on young people and his ability to spread messages of hope, love, and positivity. J-Hope is an inspiration to many and his bright and cheerful attitude has earned him the nickname, “Summer Hobi” among fans.

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