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Ienzo shimeji mascot desktop pet

(Kingdom Hearts shimeji)

Cool Ienzo (in Kingdom Hearts) shimeji mascot desktop pet run on the screen

Author: VaJt

Ienzo is a character from the Kingdom Hearts video game series. He is a young boy who was artificially created by Ansem the Wise and is a member of the Organization XIII. Ienzo is a very intelligent and inquisitive boy who often uses his knowledge and curiosity to help Sora and his friends in their quest to save the worlds. He also has a strong bond with his “brother” Braig and often helps him when he can. Ienzo is an important part of the story and plays a major role in the game's plot. He is a loyal friend who is willing to do whatever it takes to help his friends and protect the worlds.

Mascot Shimeji brings to you a funny shimeji of Ienzo. Download it & enjoy!
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