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Germany shimeji mascot desktop pet

(Hetalia shimeji)

Cool Germany (in Hetalia) shimeji mascot desktop pet run on the screen

Author: animatedpretzel

Germany is a major character in Hetalia, representing the modern day nation of Germany. He is a hard-working, efficient, and sometimes strict character. He is known to be quite serious and becomes easily flustered when teased. He is a formidable fighter, having trained in martial arts since childhood. He is also a talented and skilled carpenter, able to construct furniture with great precision and accuracy. Germany is often seen sporting a military uniform, and he is the leader of the Axis Powers. He is a reliable ally to his friends and is willing to help them out in any way he can. Germany values hard work and efficiency, and will always strive to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. He is a strong and reliable character, and is a key member of the Hetalia cast.

Mascot Shimeji brings to you a funny shimeji of Germany. Download it & enjoy!
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