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Belarus shimeji mascot desktop pet

(Hetalia shimeji)

Cool Belarus (in Hetalia) shimeji mascot desktop pet run on the screen

Author: uncut-adventure

Belarus is a character in the popular web series Hetalia: Axis Powers. She is a powerful, serious, and independent nation who loves her older brother, Russia, deeply. She is a strong woman with a very strong will and a determination to protect her brother at all costs. Though she can be cold and intimidating at times, Belarus is actually a very kind and caring person. Her immense strength and resolve make her a formidable ally, and she is loyal to a fault. She is a skilled fighter, often seen carrying an axe or a rifle, and is rarely afraid to take action when conflict arises. Despite her hardened exterior, Belarus is a passionate, loving person who deeply cares for her family and her nation.

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